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When disaster turns into a treat: Fluffiest Pancakes from failed bread dough

Long time not posting here, and today I'm not going to tell about the lolita fashion world that I love so much. I'm too busy and only has a very little time to dress up. Spend more time at home when I'm off and I tends to enjoy my comfortable t-shirt and shorts. But I dressed up too sometimes, just don't take any decent pict to post it here. But still, I love to dressed up, lolita style, and that's what matters!

Set that aside! I love bread! A lot! Even if I lived in Indonesia which the main carbo source is rice, I'm not bothered to switch it into potatoes or breads. Rice is sometimes too heavy for me and makes me uncomfortably full after eating it, but yet I feel hungry again in no time. Not good for my body! Haha! With all the love I have for bread, I always dream to bake my own bread since I was a child! But I don't have any oven to fulfill my little dream. But with all the love for reading mangas, I got some recipe from the manga, Yakitate! Japan, the breads that don't need to be baked in oven, and quite a simple one too.

One of the recipe is the frying pan bread recipe, surprisingly it taste a bit similar to english muffin, without that semolina dusted surface. And there's also times that I used not enough yeast (well, I didn't have decent measurements spoon, I used the spoon that I usually use to eat whether the tbsp or the tsp. My kitchen have almost nothing since I just a mere student who live in a very small and simple rented house) the bread turn into somewhat like burger buns, the tiny ones! I did make sandwiches out of them and taste quite good, even it can't beat the taste of the artisan bread (of course! And I'm a beginner too!) But when I get the right measurements, it did taste similar to english muffin, tear it by fork, and slip in ketchup and sliced cheese. It's so good!

Tried another recipe, the rice cooker bread one! Actually, just some basic ingredients consist of flour, yeast, butter, milk, sugar, water, and a bit salt. Really such a mess! I thought it was my measurement cups that's not right. But seems like I got misleading recipe (or translation) since when I search the official video tutorial recently, the amount of flour is quite different. Well, actually I did add the flour for times, but still not forming a dough that you can shape it into a ball. But I still force myself to do the first fermentation step. The results? No good, of course! I'm so tired so I was thinking to throw it. Fortunately I thought that would such a waste, I divide the dough into 2 parts, put the dough into bowls, cover with aluminium foil, put it in the fridge and let's think for what to do the day after!

In the morning, well, not quite morning, it's almost noon! I bring out on of the bowl out, go to nearest stall to buy some eggs, get home, open the foil wrap. I added some splash of water and dissolve the dough into somewhat slightly thicker than the consistency of pancakes batter. Dissolving the dough into the water, with just a fork, is really some time consuming works because of all the gluten, but I'm off so it's okay. After it beautifully dissolved, I crack one egg into it and stir to completely incorporate it into the batter, then add some baking powder and stir.

I heat my small round pan, a good size for making pancakes, it's non stick so I don't greased it, or sometimes I greased it a bit with oil/butter/margarine if I'm not lazy. I poured the batter into the hot pan, I used my soup spoon and ladled it out twice into the pan. When the batter firm up at the sides and all bubbly, I flip it over. When it cooked, remove it unto the plate.

Now into the tasting, I don't add any additional seasonings beside the one I've already had in the dough. It's a bit bland but leans toward the savory side. Not too bland too. I dunked it into ketchup and eat it. It taste good. The texture of the pancakes is amazing! The fluffiest pancakes I ever taste in my entire life! Can't get enough of it! I eat it with a little curry soup as side dishes, but I don't dunked it with the curry soup, it will makes the curry taste bland since I use thinner curry soup, the Indonesian curry. It might tastes better if I use the thicker Japanese curry to paired with the pancakes. But still taste good! I'm imagining to have the pancakes with some crispy fried chicken! Would taste heavenly! The crispy chicken with the fluffy pancakes would make good contrast.

My friend who studying in food tech major suggested me to use chopped spring onion and shrimp..... Think about it! It would be perfect! Aha! I know what I'm gonna do next time!

Btw, for you who want to know how the pancakes look, here the pict for you. Unfortunately I only have one pict of the finished product. LOL.

I just can't waste any food, right? XD well just try it some day if you mess up your bread dough. :3

Should try to learn making bread more :3 and  hoping more journal is coming, whether it's about my daily life, the lolita fashion that I love so much, or food :3

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