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snowsparklegems [userpic]

Just a little rant about my life (?)

December 30th, 2014 (09:11 am)
current location: Indonesia, Jakarta
current song: Yun * Chi - Dancing*

Long time no see you here! Well, I'm fine. Sorry for not updating you for so long, my dear journal. I've been blogging on my other blog lately. In case you read this, please visit my other blog: http://snowsbeautyplayground.blogspot.com/

I was not so active on internet lately. Most of my time on the internet was spent on watching YT, animes, and reading blogs. I was missing the times when I search for cover songs and enjoy it. I was intrigue since I have not heard anything from one of my favourite cover singer so I just do some google search about this singer. Apparently, the singer was arrested on mid of last year. I was so late to know, and this year is gonna end soon as well. :'(

The singer quits sing and won't do a comeback. It is sadden me deeply. Well, I do like the voice so much. Well, I can only enjoy the old songs uploaded by the singer now :(

Oh well, life must go on, so I can ony pray the best for that my favorite cover singer. Tomorrow is the last day of 2014. I hope it ends well for all of you. Let's hope next year to be a better year.

Stay Safe <3