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[REVIEW] Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Five Piece Complexion Set

October 19th, 2014 (09:48 pm)

Another review up on my second blog. Please check out there if you want to know what I think about them!

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[REVIEW] Shu Uemura Vision of Beauty Collection vol. 01 Brave Beauty Rouge Unlimited Lipstick - Red

October 5th, 2014 (10:59 pm)

I'm Moving Out!!! But I will still posting here for non-beauty stuff. Please check my new post about beauty stuff by clicking the link below:

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[REVIEW] DAISO Cotton Puff

September 21st, 2014 (09:35 pm)

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Hi Folks!!! Long time no see! Sorry about that, I was reluctant to put up any post because of personal issues. Yes, I have been running into some problems and a problematic person. It's just the person needs special treatment, and I can't leave this person alone. I just the type that can't be cruel enough to the person that I really care about. Also, I was thinking about moving out from LiveJournal and build a blog specifically about beauty. I will be still running this but more for like personal stuffs and so. But, until that time comes, here is one of beauty related blog post.

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[COMPARISON REVIEW] KOJI's Eyeliners - Line beat vs Spring Heart

August 27th, 2014 (10:54 pm)

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Hi Folks! How are you? Hope you all be fine! My days not so good lately. I have been struggling in my personal life, but I am not gonna give up. So, if there are any of you who also have bad days like me, don't give up! If you need help, I believe there are people around you that sincerely willing to help you. Please, don't push them away because it would break their hearts.

(left: KOJI Spring Heart Liquid Eyeliner in Black 01 | right: KOJI Line beat Liquid Eyeliner 24H Long Lasting 0,1 mm in Rich Black)

Get back to topic! Today I want to do a comparisan review between 2 eyeliners from KOJI. They are from Line Beat and also Spring Heart. Line Beat is my loveliest eyeliner, I have been using it since I bought it on February this year and starting to dry up. Due to that reason, I pick up new eyeliner. I was about to repurchase the Line beat one but decided to try a new one. There is one new eyeliner from KOJI on the display but no tester yet. I just picked it up without knowing how it would turn out. So, I pick the one from Spring Heart.

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[REVIEW] Shu Uemura - Mika for Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duo 02

August 3rd, 2014 (12:01 am)
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Hello!!!!! Today, I want to review this little duo eyeshadow palette by Shu Uemura. I should review this long time ago since it is a limited edition and I got this since the end of May. Whatever, you can still get these in the counter afterall. But yes, sorry for late review.

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[REVIEW] Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+ / PA+++

August 1st, 2014 (01:36 pm)

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Hello!!! Finally an update. I've been so lazy to write any updates. Sorry.... :p And~~ Here I am, writing a blog post requested by my beloved friend, Lila. Lila, if you read this, thank you for the request so I can move my lazy butt and start writing something. LOL!

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Btw, I also have an instagram now! Please follow me at:

See you! <3

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July 12th, 2014 (09:30 pm)

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Hello folks!!!! Long time no see! Well, work is crazy and I don't have much time and energy to think what to write and moreover to write. But now here I am, want to share something. SEPHORA IS NOW AVAILABLE IN INDONESIA!

I went there early in the morning despite of the fact that my fever just gone which turns out to be a good decision since the traffic is so terrible and so do the weather. There is the downside though, I FORGOT TO BRING MY DEBIT CARD! I was only able to buy two products with a few cash I had in my wallet.

Below are a few pictures I took & what I get there. I only take a few because... I had a lot on my hand and I now took pictures with my new mini iPad since my blackberry was broken. :'(

The Line : It was crowded, even before the Mall opening time! I sneaked in as well to get to this line. The cause is 100 first people who come there and already share the coundown clock on social media can get the free gift.

So what I come home with from there are:
ss (2014-07-12 at 09.18.54)

The ones I bought was Benefit They're Real Mascara (mini size) and Sephora Lip Liner.

Another thing I bring home is FLU! Yes! FLU! How cool is that?! OTL

What I think about the first Sephora store in Indonesia:
- Almost of all the brand already has their own store or at least booth in Indonesia, especially Make Ups, the only ones new are Too Faced and Sephora itself. I don't see much for Skin Care as well. I don't really take notice for the nails and baths though. Even for Too Faced (and other brands as well) there are lots of products mentioned (with price tag as well) but not available yet. I was looking for TFSI and can't find one (There is the glitter base one though)
- The brand that they have (as long as I remember) : Sephora (of course), Anna Sui, Too Faced, Guerlain, Lancome, Borjuis, Shiseido, Laneige, Benefit, Murad, Sampar, Glam Glow, Clarins, and I don't remember much anymore, but I am really sure they are easily found in other places in Jakarta.
- I hope the one that will be opened in Kota Kasablanka will carry more brands considering the store in Plaza Indonesia was really small. I hope I can find Kat Von D! I want her palette!

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Fun Look for Easter

Happy Easter!! Today, I went to my friend's house and play around with both of our vanity collection. We both decide to make a spring look. I specifically aim for a cute and fun spring look using the dried tiny flowers I got from LOLABOX April Edition. So this is my look:

*sorry for the not enough lighting for the pictures*

- H2O+ Face OASIS Hydrating Treatment
- MUFE Face & Body Foundation #02
- Sariayu Alas Bedak White Aromatic - Kuning Langsat
- Anna Sui Spot Concealer #01
- Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

- Revlon Photoready Palette 505 Impressionist

- Kiehl's line reducing eye brightening concentrate
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Shu Uemura 6 hearts Princess Heartful pink parallel palette (lightest pink for base and highlight, orange for outer part of lower lash line, lighter pink for the middle part of lower lash line)
- Daiso Ellefar Princess Chiffon Eyeshadow palette in Antique (mint green for inner crease, tear duct, and inner lower lash line)
- Daiso Jewel Eyecolor Eyeshadow Palette in Red (the matte pink on the lid)
- Make Over Eyeshadow - Sunset (for the crease as transition color)
- Dolly Wink Falsies Glue
- Me-Nails nail decorator (the dried flower I got from lolabox)
- Bourjois Refaro Effet Metalisse #52 Brun Inoxydable (on the lid/ lash line)
- Caring Colors Pencil Eyeliner - Brown (for the branches)
- Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place eye pencil in 07 forest
- Eyeko Mascara Wardrobe - Defining

- NYX HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Brush #04 English Rose

- Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue - Fresh Mint
- iShine Moisture Lipstick #07 Brun Cinnamon
- Bourjois Effet 3D max Gloss Longue Teint 8H - #11 Beige Mellow

Tell me how do you like it?!

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[UNBOXING] LOLABOX Birthday Box April 2014

April 17th, 2014 (11:06 pm)
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A bad day since I woke up this morning because of headache all the day + pile of works because of deadlines and appointments to be set up. A little spark that brightens up my day is this box I subscribe which delivered to my office this afternoon.

This is the second time I subscribed LOLABOX. My first time was the February box which turns out dissapointing. I intended to do a blog post but simply didn't have time. I didn't subscribe March box which I regret a lot because of the reviews I have seen that the box contains good stuffs.

This months is a special edition box to celebrate their birthday. It costs cheaper than usual which is 111.000 IDR. The normal subscription cost is 145.000 IDR. So, let's get into the pictures and what I think about them.


I always love their packaging. Even the brown outer box looked nice! It's secured with the outer box and the sealed plastic. What I like more is the fact that they don't use shipping service, instead of that, they have their own courier. So, I know I can brush away my worry for getting damaged box. This month's box design is so cute with the pattern. Usually the box is just plain color which also gorgeous. My February box has the irridiscent soft lavender color which is absolutely gorgeous. This month's birthday box is so fun with the pattern and somehow match the birthday theme, which is to have fun! If in the February box the goods inside the box are wrapped with pink tissue cloth and satin ribbon, this month's color is orange/peach tissue cloth and satin ribbon which is my favourtie! After you untie the ribbon, you can see how they tidily pack all of the products inside the box, I always love to see it!


love at the first sightCollapse )
The first thing we can see after we open the box is the card that list the products in the box. I always love to have this so I can get informations and what to expect from the products before actually trying them.

1) Lolita Lempicka - The First Fragrance (0,8 ml)Collapse )
Description from Lolabox: First Fragrance is a fairytale for women. Rich in symbols borrowed from tales of love, it transports us to a world that enchants our daily lives.

This is another Eau de Perfume samples I receive from LOLABOX. I got the Taylor Swift "Wonderstruck" in my February box. If I'm about to compare both of them, I would love Wonderstruck more than this. I just totally in love with that one which unfortunately still couldn't find where I could buy it in Jakarta. Also, Wonderstruck sample size is 1,2 ml which is slightly more than Lolita Lempicka. Let's get back to the Lolita Lempicka alone, I always love this brand's fragrances, and The First Fragrance too! This sample comes in a plastic bottle with a spray pump. For the packaging of the sample, I prefer Wonderstruck for security as it was a glass bottle and airtight caps. But for easier usage/application, spray nozzle/pump on the Lolita Lempicka one is more preferable. Oh yeah, I can't stop smelling this right now anyway. This Product costs 540.000 IDR / 30 ml ; 750.000 IDR / 50 ml ; and 975.000 / 100 ml

2) Facial MasksCollapse )

I never really into Korean Skin Care, but well, wouldn't hurt to try. Especially, reading the description for the Derma Soul Mask. It's pretty convincing. Also, it's perfectly true that my skin is a tired and stressed skin due to less sleep time. As for the TFS mask sheet, I need to get rid of some spots off my face, but the description is not convincing enough though :( . If I about to compare this month's mask products with the one I got in my February box, this month's is a winner! The February's one is a full size Acnes - Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask. I don't really like tea tree oil products as I have bad experiences in the past with them so I am pretty disappointed. Also, the mask is not something new or hard to find or a bit pricey products that we need to think about before buying one, so I am mostly disappointed with February box because of this. Okay, stop talking about past months box. I can't wait to trying out both of these masks, especially Derma Soul! Derma Soul costs 26.100 IDR / pack. THEFACESHOP costs 20.350 / pack.

3) Cottage - Shower GelCollapse )
I am so happy when I see this, I was about to shout and whine happily if I don't remember I was still in the office. I get the one with grapefruit smell. So for sure, it smells citrusy. If I have to describe what kind of citrus smell it has, I would say it reminds me and a perfectly similar smell of SUGUS Soft Candy in Orange Flavour. As soon as I get back at home, I take a shower using this. It is what said in the description! It indeed has soft and creamy texture but not sticky as other similar products would tend to be. It doesn't make my skin feels dry which I think is the moisturizing effect but not so noticable. It means, it doesn't do much for my very dry skin. About the original and authentic fragrances part, I don't agree! It is the same smell as my favourite childhood soft candy so it's not authentic yet original! XD . As for the packaging I love it, simple but pretty, and I love the color too! What I love most about the packaging is actually the cap. I don't know how to describe it, but it is thin without so many gaps that usually tends to have spilled out product that dries out. This shower gel costs 58.000 / 250 ml, which is the size I get.

4) Me-Nail - Nail DecoratorCollapse )

I'm surprised of how much I love this product! I am not into nail accessory person since I think it would be stressful to make everything on my nails stays on long enough. This is something like dried tiny flowers that are so cute and gorgeous. I am not going to use this on my nails, probably would use it on my face and make a cute Japanese inspired spring look. Hopefully I can pull it off. If I am about to compare this nail products to the february's one. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A BIG BIG WINNER! The February's one is a set of nail stickers from Glam It! and it costs 60.000 IDR per set. Another disappointment towards the February Box! But this month's nail decorator is such a lovely thing to get. They don't mention the price of this product on the card, and when I browse through Me-Nail's website, it is not on the list of the products they sell. Such a shame!

5) MAKE OVER - Refill Eye Shadow PaletteCollapse )

I am glad to receive MAKE OVER Eye Shadow since I am interested to their eyeshadow for quite some time. I get three shades which are Sunset, Gold, and Turquoise. My favourite is Sunset! They are really good eyeshadows, but I might talk more about them on seperate blog post. These eyeshadow are 3,5 grams for each. Now, I think I need an empty palette like Z palette. Lolabox mentions the price as 41.500 IDR but I don't know if the price is for each pan or for all of them together as a set. It was not mentioned but I assume it for all of the three since the word "Palette" is mentioned on the product list card.

6) Attachments : Samples, Coupon Codes, Voucher and other promotional materials.Collapse )

I got some samples from THEFACESHOP. The one that really interests me the most is the CC Cream since it might comes in my shade. Also I got some voucher and coupon codes which I might use some and not for the others. I also got a booklet contains the Summer Collection of MAKE OVER which is really nice to look at.

I was so happy with this box. As for 111.000 IDR price, this is such a good deal if not a steal. Especially because of the shower gel, nail decorator, and the eyeshadow refill. There is none of the products that I hate, even though some of them is not really interesting for me.

If you interested to subscribe LOLABOX you can just register by clicking this link here.

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[FAVOURITE] Shu Uemura 6 ♥ Princess Limited Edition

April 15th, 2014 (10:58 pm)
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Okay, this actually also requested by my friend, to write a review about this even if this is extremely late. LOL.

I was drawn to this limited edition release because of the commercials. Okay I admit it! I am a big fan of VOCALOID and kz (livetune) is one of producers that I am fond to. So yeah, and combined with the visual by Takashi Murakami. HOW CAN I MISS THIS RELEASE? NO WAY!

I don't care what I am talking about, I just love this and I can't describe it!Collapse )

If you are interested to buy they are still available at Shu Uemura Counter in Seibu, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town.

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